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Why A Peace Treaty Is One Of My Fave Brands

Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure by clicking here.

Full transparency: As I was researching A Peace Treaty for this post, I realized that they may have gone out of business. I hope not. I promote indie brands on this platform because they show promise and need our support navigating the fickle fashion industry. I’m going to investigate why they may have gone dark online.

Anyway, this brand never fails to amaze me with their spirited, whimsical designs! Their aesthetic embodies much of my personal style right now – feminine and colorful, diverse and globally influenced (much of their design and development is brought to life by international artisans), free-flowing, and fluid. I have not seen one piece by this brand that I wouldn’t be overly excited to wear.

I randomly found out about them at a sample sale during the summer of 2019 because I closely follow the NYC sample sale calendar. Out of curiosity, I attended and am happy I did because I picked up a few pieces that add life, energy, and personality into my wardrobe. I’m wearing a couple below – the blue talla pant and red top.

As you can see, A Peace Treaty offers an array of easy-to-wear pieces that embrace the modern bohemian spirit. The vibe is comfort and escapism with a dash of ’70s vintage bohemian nostalgia. 

The tops and bottoms are sold as separates, so they can be paired and styled in any way that represents your personality. I decided not to buy matching tops and bottoms because I like the challenge of figuring out how I’m going to wear and style an item, rather than the brand “deciding” it for me. 

Shop a few remaining items from recent collections, ranging in dresses to shorts, tops, and rompers. Have you heard of the brand? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments, along with how you’d style these pieces and where you’d wear them.

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