A Complete Roundup of Colorful Knee Boots

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Can I tell you how much I adore heeled knee and over-the-knee boots?

They’re super sexy and edgy because they emphasize a body part that’s a favorite of many of ours – our legs. Plus, they’re classic and timeless. Not to mention, they can be paired with ANY and EVERY bottom. They look under or over pants and jeans, with skirts of any length, or showing off your legs in shorts. They even look dope on top of sweatpants like how they’re worn here:

Cute Sweatpants Outfit Ideas | InStyle
Photo Credit: Gothan/Getty Images

I have a few pairs of heeled knee boots in black, and one pair in pink. I’d love to have more in other colorways and textures. As far as over-the-knee boots, I don’t have many of those. They’re difficult for me to find because I have long legs, and many of them don’t actually hit over my knee. However, I know there are options that would work for me and I’m going to find them!

My goal over the coming years is to build my rainbow collection of knee and over-the-knee boots. This inspired me to put together a wish list. Wishing upon a star, these are the boots that would get a third or fourth look from me if I were in the market to buy. If you are already there, go for it! Shop by clicking the links.

Which of these knee and over-the-knee boots are your favorites? Sound off in the comments.

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