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Must Have Gold Hoop Earrings

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If there’s any piece of jewelry that every woman should have in her accessories collection, it’s gold hoop earrings. What I like about hoops is that they’re incredibly understated yet so effective in amplifying a look. Depending on the size, they range from dainty (small) to cute (medium) on up to sexy (large) but they always look fabulous and bring an entire look together.

Have you ever seen someone wear head-to-toe sweats? Have you ever seen someone wear head-to-toe sweats topped off with giant hoops? The second is a totally different vibe that’s edgy and cool but still feminine.

Nowadays, we are seeing more design aesthetic being applied to hoops. Instead of having basic (but great) options like a plain silver or gold mid-sized hoops, there’s a whole range of colors, weights, and metals with accents.

For this post, I’m focusing on gold hoops, specifically. I recommend pairing gold earrings with neutral palettes because the gold finish pops against the subdued tones (tan, white, browns). Also, gold always looks great contrasted against black. One question I am commonly asked is because mixing metals and metal finishes. For example, is it okay to wear different gold finishes? I think it is totally fine. In fact, it’s fun to mix and match jewelry so have fun with it and don’t feel the need to follow “rules” about how to wear or not wear jewelry.





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Fun bonus facts: Gold means precious and circles represent positive harmony. You cannot go wrong with loading up on an entire collection of these lovelies. In fact, I want all the options below! There is a nice selection so there is a little something for everyone. Tell me in the comments which are your favorites. They are organized by brand, have you heard of any of these? How do you usually wear hoops?

By the way, here are a few of my jewelry organizers. This is my travel case and this is my home jewelry stand. Both store hoops easily and cleanly.

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