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Sassy Fashions To Show Off On Singles Day

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Singles Day is here! If you’re not familiar, let me explain what it is and explain why I’m so excited about it.

If Valentine’s day is for couples, then Singles’ Day – celebrated on November 11 (11/11) – is for those of us who are single and ready to mingle…or not! Round of applause for that.

This celebratory day was first introduced in China and generates more in sales than Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the weekend in between combined. Now that’s serious.

Singles Day is picking up popularity worldwide which I think is fantastic. Being coupled up is widely encouraged and celebrated while being single – even if by choice – is not…until now. I’m glad Singles Day is shining a positive light on us individuals who are not only proud of this deliberate choice, but also the possibilities enabled by leading a lifestyle as a single person. I’m optimistic that more conversations open up about singledom and how empowering it can be.

That begs the question — what does a fabulous single person to wear to celebrate their single status on Singles’Day!?

Say no more, I’ve got you covered. These sassy styles and colors will make you the shining star of the day! These pieces most certainly do not have to be worn on Singles Day. They’re versatile, especially the white/ivory and beige selections but the subtle clean tones seem appropriate for Singles’ Day.

I absolutely love everything about the zebra print dress – the length, the pattern, the fabrication…and especially the shoulder ruffle detail. What are your favorite pieces? Do you have plans for the day? Did you even know this ‘holiday’ existed?


Red with a touch of metallic

Glamor, grace, sophistication, and elegance.

Sabrina Theresa Singles Day
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White and Ivory

Neat, chic, cool…and calm.

Sabrina Theresa Sassy Fashions singles day



Bombshell of the evening.

Sabrina Theresa Sassy Fashions singles day
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