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Three Ways to Elevate Your Grocery Store Attire

We are nearing a year into the pandemic, so I can say with certainty that dressing up is nonexistent for many of us these days. To be honest, I pretty much do nothing that requires putting on anything but sweats. In fact, the most I even interact with others is during my weekly trips to the grocery store. And by interact, I mean stroll by in passing and not exchanging words.

That said, I have worn sweatpants nearly every day. What’s laughable about that is that I only have about four pairs. So, you guessed it. I basically wear the same rotation of stuff every week. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have gained a newfound appreciation for the comfort and coziness of sweats. I also have to admit that it’s been nice not to have to think too hard about what to put on when I go out, especially when doing low-key things like walking my dog or grocery shopping. 

Get Dressed To Grocery Shop? Yes.

However, a recent convo with a girlfriend inspired me to branch out. I mentioned to her how I miss wearing “real” clothes. Her response made me chuckle. She said that she had been doing some online shopping to refresh her wardrobe and was now sporting her new purchases everywhere, including to the grocery store.

My response: “You wear REAL clothes to the….grocery store?!”

Shocked by me presuming that a grocery store is not worthy of her wearing anything “nice,” she responds: “Uh yeah. I got a new jumpsuit and wore it to Trader Joe’s.” 

Inspired by this novel concept, I decided to spice up my grocery store attire. Note: While I am still wearing sweats (comfort is key for me), I chose a stylish pair of joggers and elevated them with even more stylish pieces.

sabrina theresa elevate grocery store attire

Believe it or not, it felt good to spend a couple more minutes on my appearance. The moral of the story is: Spending time on yourself – even a few extra minutes – is for YOU first and foremost. Invest in yourself by taking the time to wear something that makes you feel good simply because you deserve it. Where you’re going doesn’t matter.

If you are anything like how I was — uninspired to style yourself, then here are three ways for how to elevate your grocery store attire and other basic looks.

Pro Tip: Consider men’s clothes and shoes to switch or mix up your silhouettes and colorways. 

Dope Jacket

Throwing a dope jacket on can bring together an entire outfit. Denim, trucker, and bomber styles are classic and versatile.

Oversized Denim Jacket with Fringe Trim
Levi’s Men’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket
Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Colorful Sneakers

My secret weapon is opting for a pair of colorful sneakers because they add a lot of personality to your outfit. Instead of going for monochrome black or white, try out a shoe with different colors.

PUMA X-Ray 2 Square Sneaker
Nike Lo-Tops

Print Sweats

Don’t want to give up the coziness and comfort of sweats and joggers? I’m with you! Then try a pair with a printed design. I love the first pair with the fire print (I’m an Aries after all :)).

Unisex Print Joggers
CHASER Cuffed Heart Joggers
Skin Ombre Pants

Remember, get dressed for YOU! It’s the least you can do for yourself. Let me know in the comments how you are going to elevate your grocery store attire. Trader Joe’s won’t know what hit it, lol.

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