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Top 3 Standout Heels You Need This Fall

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With fall finally here – on top of the fact that it actually looks like it’s going to stick around for a while before winter arrives – the looks from fall fashion week finally come to life in the streets and in the stores.

In this post, I’m highlighting trendy, standout heels! Oh wait… HEELS? In the fall? Why not!? Take a little risk, explore, and enjoy! That is what fashion all about. Be true to yourself. Rock out with your own twist and consider layering with socks, tights, leggings, or stirrups so that you’re warm (emphasis on this point). Some may disagree but I’m a firm believer in not sacrificing comfort for fashion – you can have both.

This season, keep an eye out for animal prints, metallics and strappy heels. Check out a few that I’ve gathered as inspo that you’ll surely want in your closet.


1. Animal Prints

The thing about animal print is that it truly never goes away. Animal prints such as leopard, tiger, zebra, cow, croc and snakeskin patterns are dominating the crowd this season. These patterns are showing up even more through the months and I expect them to stand out even in winter. I am loving these prints to easily add the right amount of character to an otherwise plain outfit.


2. Metallic

There’s something about a metallic finish that adds a touch of cool with a hint of luxury to any look. I have to admit, I usually reserve wearing metallic for formal or dressy occasions, but I don’t recommend following my lead. Try something different and wear them casually. I’m envisioning a sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans…and metallic heels (or slides)!


3. Strappy

Don’t bother tucking away your strappy heels because you can certainly get more wear out of them this fall. They add length to your look and, for those of you who love to emphasize your legs, they effortlessly bring out extra hints of sexy. I personally love strappy heels because they’re the ultimate feminine shoe. Paired with just any bottom (pants or skirts), they really stand out. In fact, they make the whole look. Have fun with these and play around. They’ll definitely give you an extra boost in height and in confidence :).

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