What I Stopped Wearing After I Moved To Houston

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I moved to Houston from New York City a year ago. I knew that Houston was warm…correction…HOT. So, I figured that most of my cold weather clothes would get shelved unless I visited the Northeast or other colder destinations. Well, I was right. I have clothes that hardly (or never) get worn anymore because it is usually too hot…even during winter. All throughout December 2021, it was 80 degrees!

In the case that the wear drops (which does happen occasionally such as during the February 2021 storms), I’ll throw on a sweatshirt, fleece, or my favorite, go-to everyday coat.

Sunny and warm in Houston during the fall

In addition to the weather, another factor that affects what I wear (or don’t wear anymore) in Texas is transportation. Back in NYC, I mainly took the subway or walked to wherever I was going. So, I dressed accordingly for the weather because I was going to be exposed to it. On the other hand, I drive in Texas which means I’m shielded from the elements. There are days when it may be cooler but, because I’m not outside long, I forego wearing a heavy coat or jacket.

Clearly, the weather is a major factor and it is so drastically different between the two places, this list of things I stopped wearing is probably not all that surprising. It’s mainly cold-weather clothing. The irony is that I grew up in the East and have lived and worked in quite a few cold places like DC, NYC, Chicago, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. So, I’ve collected a bunch of coats, jackets, and boots over the years but I’m holding onto them because I consider them investments and I may need them again at some point.

If you’re moving (or considering a move) to Texas or if you’re moving from a colder region to a warmer region, then consider what clothes you may stop wearing or not need. Below are the main pieces that I stopped wearing when I moved to Houston.

Heavy Jackets & Coats

Coats feel like an unnecessary add-on these days. Unless it’s a) below 50 degrees (rare) -and- b) I’m outside for long periods (ex. walking my dog) -or- c) in an environment that may be chilly for an extended amount of time (like grocery shopping), then I don’t need a coat.

Sabrina Theresa Houston
Sabrina Theresa Houston

Tall Boots

I adore boots, but I haven’t found much of a need to wear them functionally because my legs would get hot. If anything, I wear them moreso for the fashion upgrade.

sabrina theresa houston

Winter Accessories, Pantyhose, & Tights

I haven’t found these extra layers to be necessary.

Heavy Sweaters

Long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, and lightweight sweaters have been sufficient for me.

Now that I have moved to Houston, I’m planning on adding more of the local flavor into my style. Yes, that means cowboy/girl boots and hats and more fringe! Stay tuned for a post on that.

Have you moved to Houston or another warm destination from a colder place (or the opposite)? If so, how did that affect your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments.

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