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Why Arizona Is One Of My New Favorite Destinations

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Arizona is now one of my favorite destinations in the states. I hadn’t expected to come to that conclusion when I was planning my four-day trip. I figured I would like Arizona because I’ve only heard positive reviews about Scottsdale, Sedona, and many of the other hotspots there. But, it blew me away. Here’s why….

sabrina theresa arizona

Super Relaxed Vibe

This may be more common in the West (so I’ve heard), but the overall feel was chill. It was a peaceful, tranquil, calm [insert more synonyms here] environment. I didn’t hear loud noises or talking, see zipping and running, or observe anything fast-moving. The pace was extremely relaxed. Perhaps that’s the only way to be when the daily temperatures average in the 100-110 degree range (dry heat!), but I very much appreciated it. Makes sense why it’s a big spa destination.

sabrina theresa arizona
A few goodies I kept with me on the trip. Shop these items (and similar versions) here

Nice, Laid-Back People

I found the people I interacted with to be cordial and easy-going. They were happy to engage, expressing interest in what brought me to Arizona and where I was from. They also were open and enthusiastic to share about themselves as well as offer tips for my stay.

Stunningly Beautiful Landscape (especially Sedona!)

The colors, shapes, and topography of the barren desert lined with mountain ranges make for an interesting landscape. I shot this quick video which captures a bit of the Sedona vortexes:

Driving through Sedona with a view of the vortexes

Admittedly, I haven’t traveled much through the southwest of the country, so I hadn’t really seen this before. In fact, I think the only desert that I’ve been to in the states is Henderson (right outside of Las Vegas) but even that is pretty developed. I’ve also visited the Sahara Desert and that is a magnificent experience too, but very different to me.

To see flat-out desert peppered with cacti, giant rock formations that jut out of the earth, and canyons that drop deep into the ground blew my mind.

sabrina theresa arizona

Delicious Food

I am the furthest thing from a foodie or someone who cares much about dining experiences (including when I travel). BUT, every meal that I had in Arizona was incredibly delicious because the food was seasoned well and cooked to perfection. I mainly ate chicken and fish and everywhere I dined – restaurants, hotel, and even late-night room service – was tasty.  Of particular note, the veggies (also very tasty) were a texture and color unfamiliar to me. I was told that it’s because they’re probably locally sourced and not pumped with junk (i.e. pesticides, etc.).

Have you ever taken your first bite of something delicious and pause to relish in the delight of what just hit your palette by doing a little shimmy or you shake your head in disbelief of how incredible the food is? Well, imagine if every meal were like that! This was my experience.

A couple of bonuses – the drinking water was super crisp, clear, and refreshing AND the cocktails were on point. I stuck with my go-to: margarita with a salted rim.

sabrina theresa arizona
Fish, vegetables…and a margarita 🙂
sabrina theresa arizona
The food was so good that I ordered two entrees!

Fascinating Native American Culture

I have always been incredibly intrigued by Native American culture because of its uniquenes, long-standing traditions, and mysterious nature. So, I wanted to visit a reservation and finally observe the lifestyle in person but wasn’t able to this time around (it’s on the to-do list for my next Arizona trip). Fortunately, I was able to interact with a few natives selling their wares during my Sedona visit. Their pieces were beautiful and I brought home a few jewelry items that I absolutely adore.

These are the main reasons why Arizona is one of my new favorite destinations, but there are many more. I’m already making plans to go back and have a full itinerary. I’d like to visit a reservation, spend more time in downtown Scottsdale, tour the neighborhoods in Scottsdale (apparently there are beautiful houses in areas that you can bike through), have a full spa day, and travel to the Grand Canyon). 

sabrina theresa arizona
Silver hoops from a boutique in downtown Scottsdale with two earring sets and a silver ring handmade by natives purchased in Sedona

Have you visited Arizona? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Are there other cities/areas in the state you’d recommend checking out? If not, is it on your radar? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

sabrina theresa arizona
Walking the trails at the Sedona vortexes
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